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We humans, spend a lot of time on our feet. It’s no wonder they can cause discomfort or pain. More shoe companies are trying to deal with these common problems and Orthofeet is one of them.

Orthofeet reviews, including this one, will help better understand what their products are and if they’re worth considering and buying.

Four Different Orthofeet Models of Shoes for Women

Four Differented Orthofeet Models of Shoes for Men

Orthofeet Company Overview

Orthofeet, Inc. was founded by the Bar brothers back in 1984. Ron and Michael Bar earned degrees in biomedical and mechanical engineering, respectively.

Ron Bar lost his leg in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. His personal tragedy inspired him and his brother to invent a new kind of orthotics to improve fit and comfort.

Great early successes encouraged them to expand their offer and start new lines of comfortable orthopedic shoes, socks, and orthotic insoles in 2000.

Today, they are reputable and renowned manufacturers of orthopedic footwear. 

Are Orthofeet Shoes Suitable for Everyone?

Truth be told, anyone can use Orthofeet products. They are extremely comfy and you know what they say: prevention is better than cure.

However, they are designed to meet the needs of people with a wide range of feet issues. While comfort and function come first, their products are also stylish, or at least they are trying to be.

But, let’s get back to the most important aspects and functions.

Orthofeet shoes may help eliminate or reduce symptoms of:

It’s quite an impressive list of conditions. It pretty much covers all possible feet issues. It’s worth mentioning that they have separated men’s and women’s lines due to the particular demands of men’s and women’s feet.

The basic design remains the same and both collections try to solve the same issues.

However, there are some interesting innovations on certain models. And the styles have all been covered.

So with the same attention to healthy feet, you can choose from athletic shoes, sneakers, slippers, sandals, dress shoes, boots and more.

While they have a wide range of products, most of them share the same key points. Here they are:


  • Created by biomedical engineers and doctors. It gives some confidence that the products should really help with issues and ailments.
  • Very comfortable. Most of the products offer the ultimate comfort.
  • Help with a wide range of conditions. 
  • Versatility. There’s a wide range of products and most of them have a wide and extra wide version.
  • Expert help available to choose the right shoes.
  • ٭Excellent customer service.
  • Stylish. It’s a matter of taste, but these shoes are often visually attractive.
  • Free shipping in the USA.
  • 60-day Risk Free Trial. If you’re not completely satisfied after the 60-day trial, you can return shoes or insoles for a full refund.


  • No free shipping outside the USA.
  • Not the most accurate sizing. Some users complained that these products were not true to size. Also, the basic design of a toe box is too wide for people with very narrow feet.
  • ٭Poor customer support.
  • Not so stylish for the young.

٭As for the customer service, I’d like to clarify a couple of things. The company has enjoyed a great reputation for exceptional customer support for years. However, corona times have brought all kinds of logistics and delivery problems along with some customer service complaints. 

I do believe that they will find a way to improve in this segment as they were very reliable for years. Still, I had to say that there are some issues at the moment.


The comfort of Orthofeet shoes is indisputable. While we all have different feet and it’s quite difficult to indulge everyone, the vast majority of users are extremely satisfied with the comfort.

It must have taken a lot of effort but it seems as the manufacturers have covered all possible issues that could compromise the comfort.

From a stretchable, non-binding upper, and soft, padded interior to a wide toe box and ergonomic soles, these shoes are as comfy as it gets.

Foot Pain

No shoes are a miracle cure for feet conditions, but these shoes are close enough. Truth be told, some users didn’t feel a notable or any kind of improvement, but many more reported outstanding results.

Orthofeet shoes really help with a wide variety of foot ailments. It would take too much space to list and address all of them all over again.

There are many different feet conditions and every case is different. So, it’s impossible to satisfy each and every customer. Still, the vast majority of users are happy or very happy with these shoes and find them helpful.

The bottom line is they almost always alleviate or even eliminate pain caused by plantar fasciitis, bunions, swollen feet, diabetic feet, heel pain, hammertoes, and more. Many users found them to be the only shoes to help them walk freely without pain and discomfort.


With such great reviews considering comfort and alleviating ailments one must wonder if these shoes are absolutely perfect. While you can’t find too many negative reviews some people were not very happy with the durability of Orthofeet shoes. 

After reading hundreds of reviews, I can safely say that durability is not a huge issue. Some users were happy about it, others weren’t. Also, it differs from model to model. 

You can find more durable shoes out there for sure, but there’s always some kind of trade-off.

In my humble opinion, it’s nearly impossible to create a very durable orthopedic shoe without compromising the comfort and pain-relieving properties.

The final judgment? Orthofeet shoes don’t shine in the durability segment, but they are not bad either.


This is the part where users have very different opinions. Designers do try to make these shoes appealing and stylish.

However, if you want to make a roomy toe box, ergonomic soles, and flexible upper that conforms to the contours of your feet, it is a pretty daunting mission.

Overall, many people think that Orthofeet shoes aren’t that flashy or elegant with a boat-like shape and a wide toe box.

Features & Benefits

Non-Binding Design and Padded Interior

As soon as you lay your eyes on these shoes, you can see that they are carefully designed.

Flexible and soft upper, with no overlays across toes and bunions eliminates pressure points and friction. The upper conforms to the natural shape of your foot.

At the same time, these features provide exceptional comfort as well as protection. As for the benefits, you can figure it out on your own, already:

Soft, padded interior and flexible upper alleviate problems with bunions, arthritis, neuropathy, hammertoes, and diabetic feet.

Roomy Toe Box and Extra Depth

Almost all Orthofeet models have a wide and extra wide version. Typically, their shoes also have an extra depth to provide better comfort, fit, and accommodate orthotic insoles.

A wide toe box provides enough room for (swollen) toes.

These are simple but important solutions. Once again, you’ll get additional comfort and avoid pain caused by swollen feet, hammertoes, bunions, and Morton’s neuroma.

Ergonomic Soles

Ergonomic soles are designed to soften steps and enhance comfort while providing stability and support.

Alongside the cushioning system, the soles decrease the impact on your joints while you walk, without compromising your mobility.

Shoes are not enough to solve your ankle, knee, hip, or lower back problems, but they will reduce pressure and shock which is a very important step (pun intended).

Cushioning System

Superior cushioning absorbs the shock and diminishes impact on your knees, hips, and lower back. The innovative cushioning system includes a firm heel counter and orthotic insoles. 

While cushioning usually provides comfort, this system helps with overpronation, back pain, and foot alignment.

Orthotic Insoles

This is a crucial part of the cushioning system. Premium insoles provide arch support and increase stability. Combined with other features, insoles play a vital role in providing comfort and protection for people with flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and overpronation tendency.


Now, you can make your own judgment, but I’ll pass my own as well. Orthofeet shoes aren’t magical, but in some cases, they work like a charm. 

I have the Coral (in black) although I don’t use them for walking huge distances. I have, in the last few years, had problems with my right foot after years of abuse through turning the ankle whilst running.

They have eased the erratic pain I get throughout the heel end of my foot.

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