The 9 Best Baseball Bats to Knock it Out of the Park This Season

Spring training put an extra spring in your step? You’re not alone. The outfield grass is green again, your team has a whole new season ahead of them, and guys like Bryce Harper and Mike Trout are ready to do their thing. But the best way to celebrate the new MLB season isn’t cozying up on your couch for a double-header. It’s grabbing a few friends and getting out to the diamond—or just a backyard—yourself. Here are the baseball bats you need to feel like a pro this spring, even if you’re not hitting grand slams anytime soon.

1DeMarini 2020 CF BBCOR Baseball Bat

BBCOR bats are legal for high school and college play; the acronym stands for “batted ball coefficient of restitution” and to fully understand it requires a masters in physics. Here’s what you need to know: DeMarini offers a great light-swinging BBCOR bat, which means you can use it to hit dongers in your beer league, then lend it to your kid for after-school practice.

2Marucci AP5 Pro Model Maple Wood Baseball Bat

You can’t go wrong with a Louisville Slugger, which is the official bat of the MLB and country songs. But for something a little more unique and just as much quality, try Marucci. The AP5 Pro is a great maple option if you’re looking for a decent wooden bat. 

3Easton Ghost X Evolution

The exterior walls of the Easton Ghost X Evolution vary in thickness by thousandths of an inch, from the end of the taper to the barrel’s fat sweet spot. Three testers agreed that this 33-inch model had the swiftest swing and the smoothest stroke. Vibration was as rare as the Cubs making the playoffs.

4Louisville Slugger ExoGrid 2

The hybrid Louisville Slugger Exogrid 2 has an aluminum handle and composite inserts. In a test at a New York City batting cage, the Exogrid proved equal in power to a white ash bat, but it felt just a bit heavy and clunky for such a slender 34-inch bat.

5Marucci CAT7 Silver

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Marucci was founded by two former Big Leaguers and their athletic trainer – so it stands to reason this is a company that knows how to make a good baseball bat designed for pro-level players. The CAT7 in particular is great for a strong swing and plenty of power off the ball. 

6DeMarini CF USSSA Baseball Bat

A Paraflex Plus composite barrel was designed on this DeMarini baseball bat for consistent responsiveness and a huge sweet spot. Improved weight distribution makes for exceptional balance, too, and reduced vibration keeps your swing steady all the way through. 

7Louisville Slugger 2021 BBCOR Meta Baseball Bat

The balance of this Louisville Slugger ensures a perfect combination of speed and power while the three-piece design keeps vibration at a minimum. 

8KOTIONOK Baseball Bat

Little Leaguer, brand-new beginner, or just looking for a decent budget-friendly pick? This under $30 option is made from smooth aluminum alloy with an anti-slip rubber grip, ideal for first timers just starting to get comfortable with the game. 

9Easton Typhoon Baseball Bat

Designed for youth players, the Typhoon baseball bat from Easton is certainly no less impressive with its lightweight design, military-grade aluminum alloy construction, and superior balance. 

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